Our experienced Engineering team will help get your product designed and in the field.
Our unique approach in providing both engineering services as well as products and technologies has allowed JCA to build expertise in applying technology specifically for off-highway mobile machine applications.
Working with our OEM partners in the development of unique machine applications has allowed us to have a unique perspective into common technology needs across these applications and through this approach, JCA has built an engineering team with a wide range of engineering capabilities across the following areas:
  • Machine control systems and robotics
  • Guidance and mapping systems
  • Embedded software and electronics
  • Model-Based Design – Using MATLAB/Simulink
  • Smartphone/tablet app development
  • User interfaces – from mobile app to augmented reality
  • Data management and communications – on-vehicle communications (ISOBUS, CAN, J1939), wireless communications (machine to mobile device, machine to machine), and cloud-based data management systems
  • Advanced sensing and perception technologies
  • Autonomous machine systems

Our goal is to meet the needs of each customer as is appropriate for the organization and the application. We recognize that the needs of each organization and the needs for each project are unique, and we aim to adapt to those specific needs. We apply an Agile System Engineering process that provides transparency and clear direction and control of work, but also allows for managing change throughout the project. Within this process, we can work with customers at different integration points, which can be summarized as:

  1. Product vision implementation – When working at the product vision level, the customer has envisioned an application and JCA works to define and implement all controls components of the system.
  2. Architecture and component-level implementation – Some customers have internal engineering capabilities to apply in development of the product vision but need help to augment these due to bandwidth limitations of their team, or to expand in areas outside of their core competency. If this can be defined with respect to components of the system, then JCA often works to define and deliver components of the system.
  3. Fully integrated development – JCA also works with some customers with a fully integrated development approach. In this case, we use plan work in sprints (following our Agile development processes) with engineering resources mixed between JCA and our customer’s team, using common tools, and development processes. This requires an alignment on development methodologies and processes, and coordination of work activities between the two organizations.


Our focus is providing advanced technology platforms for agricultural applications that are scalable. JCA's range allows your innovations to be built upon a stable and flexible technology platform, reducing time to market and decreasing overall costs.

Autonomous Framework

JCA has built on its experience in development of many highly-automated and autonomous machines for a wide variety of different agricultural applications to define an Autonomous Framework that is adaptable to any autonomous machine.

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Precision Agriculture - Vireo

The JCA Vireo is an evolution of the ISOBUS virtual terminal (VT) to combine the implement compatibility benefits of the ISOBUS (ISO11783) standard with the technology capabilities of tablet devices.

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Agricultural Implements

Our experience in ISOBUS systems, smartphone/tablet technology, controls systems, and sensing technology allows us to rapidly enable the agricultural implement innovations of our customers.

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Dec 3, 2020
EXXACT Robotics and JCA Technologies Announce development of a new autonomous viticulture machine
Autonomous FrameworkAgricultural Implements
JCA Technologies and EXXACT Robotics have joined forces to create an innovative autonomous machine for viticulture applications. This new project combines EXXACT Robotics’ proficiency in perception & robotics systems machinery, and JCA’s expertise in autonomous agricultural control systems. This new vineyard machine type targets specifically workers’ safety as well as environmental-friendly crop care.
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