Our Approach

We develop products that provide important functionality in our customer's agricultural machinery.

Our Approach

JCA partners with our OEM customers through all stages of the lifecycle for their mobile machine development. Our engineering services help bring our customer’s concepts to reality, our technology enables advanced controls and connectivity functionality in machines, our manufacturing provides reliable and robust electronics and wire harnessing from prototype to volume production, and our service supports our customers through the entire life of the product.
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Stage 1


We work with our customers to help bring their innovative machine ideas from concept to reality. Our engineering team has experience in a wide variety of advanced control and connected mobile machine systems, working with our customers through an agile process to define the system envisioned and determine the right technologies needed to make it happen.
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Stage 2


Our technologies are designed to serve as the key building blocks to enable advance machine control and connected systems. Customers can use our technologies as platform components on which to build their unique machine application. For customers that need engineering support, our team works through challenging problems in bring the machine to life. This may be as the lead development team for the machine controls systems, or augmenting our customer’s engineering team’s capabilities. Our capabilities span the needs of the entire machine control system from system engineering, embedded software, electronics design, app and cloud systems, and autonomous systems.
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Stage 3

Prototype Build

Prototype components are a key piece of the development process and are typically needed in a rush to meet the tight deadlines of the project. Our manufacturing team has dedicated resources for prototype builds of wire harnesses, electronics, and controls panels to ensure fast turnaround of low volume product needed during development. When working with our customers as part of an engineering collaboration, the integration of our engineering and manufacturing teams ensures planning early on to ensure the deadlines of the projects are met.
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Stage 4


Off-highway mobile machine applications demand reliable and robust systems, and system verification is a key step in ensuring developed systems meet the customer’s needs in the long term. As part of our engineering development projects, we work with customers to define verification plans that fits the reliability needs of the application on a path to production.
Stage 5


When systems are ready to make the lead from development to production there are many steps that may be needed in preparation to ensure reliable supply of production product. These include production test setup, manufacturing engineering review, and initiating program management for the life of the product. Our advanced manufacturing team provides a path to guide our customers through this stage.
Stage 6


JCA is a manufacturing partner for electronics, wire harnesses, and control panels. Our focus on delivering the right product, the right cost, at the right time through applying lean manufacturing principles drives a culture of continuous improvement in meeting our customer’s volume production needs. Our flexibility and diversity of manufacturing capabilities, paired with engineering and technology support provide a unique strength as a production partner to OEMs.
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Stage 7

Product Support

Our full lifecycle approach doesn’t end with delivery of the product, but extends to supporting our customers with their product in the application. This may include engineering or technology support for advanced machine control systems, quality analysis and improvement at the system level, or planning for support of legacy products. Through each phase JCA works with our customers as partners in delivering the system that adds value to the application.


Our focus is providing advanced technology platforms for agricultural applications that are scalable. JCA's range allows your innovations to be built upon a stable and flexible technology platform, reducing time to market and decreasing overall costs.

Autonomous Framework

JCA has built on its experience in development of many highly-automated and autonomous machines for a wide variety of different agricultural applications to define an Autonomous Framework that is adaptable to any autonomous machine.

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Precision Agriculture - Vireo

The JCA Vireo is an evolution of the ISOBUS virtual terminal (VT) to combine the implement compatibility benefits of the ISOBUS (ISO11783) standard with the technology capabilities of tablet devices.

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Agricultural Implements

Our experience in ISOBUS systems, smartphone/tablet technology, controls systems, and sensing technology allows us to rapidly enable the agricultural implement innovations of our customers.

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Dec 3, 2020
EXXACT Robotics and JCA Technologies Announce development of a new autonomous viticulture machine
Autonomous FrameworkAgricultural Implements
JCA Technologies and EXXACT Robotics have joined forces to create an innovative autonomous machine for viticulture applications. This new project combines EXXACT Robotics’ proficiency in perception & robotics systems machinery, and JCA’s expertise in autonomous agricultural control systems. This new vineyard machine type targets specifically workers’ safety as well as environmental-friendly crop care.
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