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JCA’s technology portfolio is targeted towards advanced agricultural mobile machines applications. JCA’s approach is to focus on the core infrastructure technologies that are not application specific, thereby enabling our OEM partners in development of customized machine applications that fit their unique market positioning. These technologies are used as building blocks that facilitate rapid development of the custom OEM applications, from connected agricultural implement controls to fully autonomous machines. JCA’s technology road map has been guided by a system approach, considering of all the main pieces of a machine control system and through the experience in working with our OEM partners across many applications. These technologies continue to evolve and driven to adapt leading edge technologies into scalable machine control systems. These technologies are organized into platforms that address the specific needs for agricultural implement control applications, precision agriculture machine applications, and autonomous systems.


Our focus is providing advanced technology platforms for agricultural applications that are scalable. JCA's range allows your innovations to be built upon a stable and flexible technology platform, reducing time to market and decreasing overall costs.

Autonomous Framework

JCA has built on its experience in development of many highly-automated and autonomous machines for a wide variety of different agricultural applications to define an Autonomous Framework that is adaptable to any autonomous machine.

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Precision Agriculture - Vireo

The JCA Vireo is an evolution of the ISOBUS virtual terminal (VT) to combine the implement compatibility benefits of the ISOBUS (ISO11783) standard with the technology capabilities of tablet devices.

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Agricultural Implements

Our experience in ISOBUS systems, smartphone/tablet technology, controls systems, and sensing technology allows us to rapidly enable the agricultural implement innovations of our customers.

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Dec 3, 2020
EXXACT Robotics and JCA Technologies Announce development of a new autonomous viticulture machine
Autonomous FrameworkAgricultural Implements
JCA Technologies and EXXACT Robotics have joined forces to create an innovative autonomous machine for viticulture applications. This new project combines EXXACT Robotics’ proficiency in perception & robotics systems machinery, and JCA’s expertise in autonomous agricultural control systems. This new vineyard machine type targets specifically workers’ safety as well as environmental-friendly crop care.
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