Agricultural Implements

A platform of building blocks that facilitate the rapid development of customized OEM implement controls.
Our Approach to Agricultural Implement Control

JCA’s agricultural controls platform consists of technology building blocks that facilitate the rapid development of customized OEM implement controls. These building blocks include a family of ruggedized machine controllers and special purpose modules that can be used for ISOBUS implement controls systems and/or connected machine controls. The integration of connectivity into the machine controllers allows systems built on JCA technology to be interfaced with customized mobile device apps, serve as ISOBUS implement control systems, or both from the same controller.

JCA’s cloud platform technologies facilitate custom OEM cloud data management systems to expand the thinking of machine operations from a single machine to coordination across multiple machines that are connected with a common workflow. With the JCA agricultural implement controls platform, OEMs can define the machine control system that suits their unique needs and gain the benefit of the complete ecosystem of JCA technologies that add increased value to the end user.

Diagnostic And Configuration

Wind Tools Software

The JCA Wind Tools are configuration and diagnostic tools compatible with all of the JCA controllers for function such as managing software updates, system configuration, file and log management, live parameter viewing, and playback of logs. Wind Tools runs within a browser, and so can be run on any PC/laptop communicating to the JCA controllers over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB (or over a CAN-connection using a CAN to USB converter)

When connected over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, no special cables or hardware is needed to connect into the system. Wind Tools is configured for specific applications using a JSON configuration file that allows for customization of:

  • Branding – Can be branded with the partner OEM logo and coloring
  • Parameters – Application specific parameters available to be viewed are configured through the configuration file
  • Playback – Can playback recorded logs, viewing them in the live data section which includes grid and graphical views
  • Functions – The different functions (e.g. reprogramming, file management, parameter setting, event and data logging) can be enabled/disabled based on the desired access to the system.

Wind tools libraries can be integrated into custom mobile device apps for deployment of software through a smartphone to machine controllers. This feature allows for easy and controlled upgrade of field software that can be performed by end users, without the need for special tools or trained technical staff.


JCA’s ISOBUS implement software libraries are part of the controller SDK (Software Development Kit) that allow for customized ISOBUS implement control system development. ISOBUS functionality allows for implements to be controlled by the operator using existing Universal Terminals in the tractor cab. For implement OEMs this means their implement can be connected into any ISOBUS compatible tractor, and then the unique screens for their implement will be displayed to the user for implement monitoring and control. This plug-and-play functionality can be highly desirable to implement manufacturers to allows for support across tractor brands without having to instal custom display hardware within the cab.

Through our engineering services, JCA can work with OEMs to develop the ISOBUS application through a process of user stories where the desired operation experience is defined, ISOBUS screens are developed first with wire frames and mock-ups, and then graphically designed to fit the branding and user experience desired.

Cloud Connected Systems

JCA’s agricultural implement controls platform offers connectivity capability that can extend implement machine controls to multiple machines, providing an integrated user experience across a broader workflow. In most cases the cloud system developed is unique to the characteristics of the application, so a custom cloud solution is developed for the OEM application. Within this custom solution, several technology components from JCA’s Cumulus platform can be integrated to provide common features that bring value to the application. These features include machine location and status monitoring, remote software deployment and management, user secure role-based access, and management of task data.

OEM Custom Interface

The user interface used to interact with mobile machine controls, be it through a tablet or smartphone, a virtual terminal, joystick, or control panel, is crucial to turning a little used function into a timesaver and driver of productivity. Through a passion for understanding and implementing various successful types of UIs, JCA has successfully turned existing product lines into successful profit generators while ensuring new innovative solutions are not handicapped with a poorly designed user interface from the start.

Leveraging the best practices in agile application development, we guide a project through the creation of user stories, wire frame development, graphic design and finally implmentation of the solution in the platform required. If the solution requires an app published on a mobile app platform like the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store, our experienced team can guide you through the develoment, testing and publishing of the app.

If the appclication calls for the solution to be interfaced to a joystick, control panel or other hardware interface, our team is experienced in developing and testing robust solutions for the operator.


Our focus is providing advanced technology platforms for agricultural applications that are scalable. JCA's range allows your innovations to be built upon a stable and flexible technology platform, reducing time to market and decreasing overall costs.

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Agricultural Implements

JCA’s agricultural controls platform consists of technology building blocks that facilitate the rapid development of customized OEM implement controls.

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