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Announcing: JCA Technologies partners with EXXACT Robotics in codevelopment of a new autonomous viticulture machine

JCA Technologies and EXXACT Robotics have joined forces to create an innovative autonomous machine for viticulture applications. This new project combines EXXACT Robotics’ proficiency in perception & robotics systems machinery, and JCA’s expertise in autonomous agricultural control systems. This new vineyard machine type targets specifically workers’ safety as well as environmental-friendly crop care. (Winnipeg, Canada...


FIRA on Dec 8-10, 2020

JCA Technologies VP Engineering Darcy Cook will be speaking for the virtual edition of FIRA 2020, Dec. 8 to 10! Join us at the webinar: Key Considerations in Taking the leap from R&D to Scaled Commercial Systems for Autonomous Machines. For its 5th edition, the expert event of Agricultural Robotics will gather online the worldwide...


ROSWorld on Nov 12, 2020

JCA Technologies will be participating in ROS World this year. Make sure to join the event to learn about the latest developments in the Robotics Operating System. One of our engineers, Matthew Sebastian, will be making a lighting Video submission on how we use ROS internally at JCA Technologies. Make sure to check it out....


LAND.TECHNIK on Nov 3-4, 2020

Engineering Manager Jorge Viramontes will be speaking on his experience at JCA Technologies, with his talk “ROS2 for Autonomous Agriculture Applications” at the upcoming VDI LAND.TECHNIK Conference held on Nov 3-4. Attendees can learn about the technologies enabling the transformation of agricultural machines. JCA is excited to be part of the important event for the...


Introducing the Re-Engineered JCA brand

As an organization leading the constant progression of autonomous agriculture, JCA recognizes that like technology, brands must evolve with changing times. We are committed to enabling innovators and continue to push modern advancements in a rapidly moving industry. As a result, our capabilities have expanded in addition to electronics. That is why we are proud...


Object Detection and Recognition with Perception Systems for Agricultural Autonomous Machine Applications: A JCA Engineering Summer Student’s Experience

Eric Kapilik is an Engineering Student at the University of Manitoba who has returned to JCA Electronics for a second 4-month summer term in the JCA Electronics Engineering Group. During his first summer term at JCA he developed a Tradeshow Demo for JCA’s Autonomous Framework. This summer he is doing research and development for technology...


FlightPath – Monitoring Multiple Machines in Realtime

Quite a while ago farms transitioned from a single machine working a field, be it self-propelled or tractor and implement combination, to multiple machines working simultaneously and sometimes in tandem.  Electronics on the machines and data gathering have become commonplace as well, all in an effort to improve efficiencies and the bottom line.  Typically, data...


The Networked Farm and the Value of Autonomy

Breaking down the tools and tech that make the next generation farm a reality. Introduction To find efficiency and improved profitability on the farm, there are rapidly developing technologies that can make the farm and the producer much more productive. How does the hard-working farmer make sense of it all and gain confidence that the...


Tradeshow Demo Built On JCA’s Autonomous Framework

Erik Kapilik is an engineering student at the University of Manitoba that recently completed a 4-month summer term with JCA Electronics in the JCA Engineering group, where he had the opportunity to gain experience in autonomous machine technology through building a tradeshow demo that integrates some pieces of JCA’s autonomous framework. This article gives an...


The Evolution of Agricultural Autonomous Machines from Research to Production: An Autonomous Framework Approach

By Darcy Cook – VP Engineering, JCA Electronics There has been fast growth in the development of autonomous agricultural machines over the past few years. Most machines that have been promoted publicly are either concept machines developed by OEMs and research organizations, or machines launched by start-ups looking to be the first broad solution in...



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October 19, 2020
FIRA on Dec 8-10, 2020
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