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Augmented Reality from the OEM

Technology that can powerfully and quickly enhance the Sales, Operation and Service of Off-Road equipment in all industries. Mobile applications providing Augmented Reality (AR) offer equipment manufacturers a fertile platform to improve their customers’ overall experience in the operation, servicing and sales of their equipment while distinguishing themselves from their competition. At JCA Electronics, we...


The Next Steps for Innovation in Agriculture

The Next Steps for Innovation in Agriculture – a New Level of Networking. Excerpts from a talk given by John Anderson, the CEO and Founder of JCA Electronics, a technology and manufacturing firm focused on control systems for off-road mobile equipment. John was speaking at an AMC Innovation Awards ceremony held in Saskatoon, Canada, July 16,...


Perception Systems Technologies: The Next Step in Mobile Machine Automation

Over the last 20 years, there has been increasing levels of automation in mobile machines, bringing control and monitoring capability to machines that offer value to the operator. This has been fueled by the increase in capability (and the lowering in cost) of computing systems that can be used to interface with sensors for monitoring...


Lessons Learned Combining Wireless Applications with Mobile Machine Control

As the need for more innovation has increased in agricultural, construction and other off-highway applications, it has become imperative for OEM manufacturers that serve these markets to incorporate electronic controls to provide these benefits. Electronic controls, usually implemented using a control module that serves as the nerve center to facilitate the actuation of hydraulic or...


A Story: How Modern Technology and a Comprehensive Development Plan Can Bring Success to the OEM.

Today, Product Development of off-road, mobile equipment is so much more than just the evolution of the mechanical design. Features that can enhance the operator’s, dealers, and OEMs experience – such as automation, wireless communication, customization of the user interface, and prognostics – can also, if done well, strongly differentiate the product and enhance the...


Innovation: A Reality or Just A Buzzword

Innovation is a common term highly used in many industries today and is a term that companies use to describe what they do. It is a term that implies creativity, and the application of new inventions, and a term that implies things are moving forward in a positive direction. But do companies that claim to...


Vireo: Revolutionizing the ISOBUS Virtual Terminal.

With most tractors and many implements now supporting ISOBUS technology, the time is right for ISOBUS to continue to grow. However, the cost/technology benefits of tablets will always far exceed that of the traditional ISOBUS compatible terminals. So what is the right answer for farmers and OEMs who want to take advantage of the latest...


The Path Towards Autonomous Machines in Agriculture.

The Need for Efficiency and the Changing Landscape The world population is currently made up of about 7.5 billion people, which is about twice as many people as there were as recently as 1960, and this is projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. With the rapidly increasing population, more food needs to be produced...


Wireless Controls for Heavy Machinery: Linking Smart Devices to Construction Equipment.

Technology development in the construction market is evolving quickly and the benefits that it can bring to the user of the equipment are extensive. The latest developments aim at providing users with visual information in the form of virtual and augmented reality that allow them to perform their jobs faster and with higher precision. While...


Wireless Connectivity with Tablets and Smartphones on Mobile Equipment.

Display interfaces – the products that provide machine performance information to the operator, such as an instrument cluster or graphical display – on mobile equipment are about to experience a significant transformation. Typically, these products have been designed as dedicated devices, permanently installed in the vehicle. But the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones...



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September 28, 2023
AGCO and Trimble announce JV bringing together Trimble Ag and JCA Technologies
JCA Technologies to be part of joint venture between AGCO and Trimble creating an industry-leading mixed fleet Precision Ag focused organization.

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